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  • PratikaGroup Accessories RangeEverything you need, when you need it.
  • PratikaGroup Accessories ExclusivesSatisfying most specialized needs.

Everything you need, when you need it.

PratikaGroup supplements and completes its offer with a wide range of supplies and tools for each phase of the footwear and leather goods production process. In addition to promoting the "just in time" concept for its customers by means of timed deliveries, the constant stock availability of the most widely used materials enables PratikaGroup to ensure a 24-hour supply lead time. The logistics, designed according to the most current management needs, make PratikaGroup the ideal partner for fashion producers.

  • Constant stock availability of materials in high demand Constant stock availability of materials in high demand.
  • Supplies planned just in time Supplies planned just in time.
  • Lead-time procurement within 24/48 hours Lead-time procurement within 24/48 hours.

Satisfying most specialized needs.

PratikaGroup is the sole distributor for some of the most important brands, producing consumables for the footwear and leather goods industry, to guarantee the best technical performance to its clients.

  • Abitalia Abitalia> Adhesive tapes and reinforcements
  • Amann / Serafil, Serabraid, Synton Amann / Serafil, Serabraid, Synton > Thread
  • Fenice Fenice > Chemical products for finishing
  • Intercom Intercom > Adhesives
  • Jaeger Jaeger > Adhesive tapes and reinforcements
  • Mondialpunte Mondialpunte > Nails
  • Multimarca Multimarca > Canvas fabric and reinforcements
  • Other brands available Other brands available