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  • PratikaGroup Profile HistoryWe have been following your business step by step for over thirty years.
  • PratikaGroup Profile OrganisationWe have bent over backwards to give you the best.
  • PratikaGroup Profile SupportMade in Italy service within easy reach.
  • PratikaGroup Profile PeopleSkills at your service.

We have been following your business step by step for over thirty years.

Pratika was founded in the early 80’s in Tuscany, in the manufacturing district of Valdinievole, then the customer’s base rapidly extends to the Tuscan Leather District and Valdarno, actively collaborating with small, medium and large enterprises, in the footwear and leather industry, offering products and services for every phase of production. In the nineties, with the beginning of production outsourcing processes, Pratika expanded its business area to the Mediterranean basin and South America. Most recently, is dedicated to the emerging markets of eastern Europe, including Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia and Serbia and Asian markets, including Bangladesh and India.

1983 > Pratikagroup established in Valdinievole
1990 > Developed activities in the "Comprensorio del Cuoio" Leather District and in Valdarno
1995 > Developed activities in the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America
2006 > Started distribution in Serbia
2007 > Established new headquarters in Levane (Valdarno)
2009 > Started distribution in Tunisia
2014 > Established new headquarters in Fucecchio (Leather District)


We have bent over backwards to give you the best.

Our constant growth and the expansion of our services, combined with the desire to meet new market demands, has led to a business reorganisation for specific areas: consulting and training, systems and equipment, service and spare parts, supplies, tools and accessories. Four highly specialised departments, fully integrated with one another to provide the customer with complete, qualified and efficient service.

  • Consulting and training Consulting and training
  • Equipment and machinery Equipment and machinery
  • Parts and support Parts and support
  • Assistenza tecnica Consumables, tools and accessories

Made in Italy service within easy reach.

PratikaGroup is structured and organised to implement "turnkey" systems in every part of the world, and has its own distribution and service networks in Serbia and Tunisia. PratikaGroup is unique in its kind, capable of supporting its customers in development and internationalisation processes with consistent high-level service.

  • Gst Gst
  • Pratika Service Pratika Service
  • Serbia Distributor Serbia Distributor
  • Tunisia Distributor Tunisia Distributor
  • Sales agent for Bangladesh Sales agent for Bangladesh

Skills at your service.

Pratikagroup is constantly investing in facilities, equipment and personnel training. A workgroup made up of highly qualified and experienced staff works constantly to ensure timely, complete answers. On one hand, the individual specialisations ensure that specific problems are solved, and on the other hand, they are combined to provide a global response to the needs of businesses. This is a very important resource that makes PratikaGroup a valuable contact, capable of interacting proactively with its customers.

  • Two operating locations in Tuscany Two operating locations in Tuscany (Fucecchio and Levane)
  • 3,000 sq. m indoor facility 3,000 sq. m indoor facility of which a 700 sq. m exhibit area, a 600 sq. m workshop, a 1,400 sq. m parts, consumables and accessories warehouse, 300 sq. m offices
  • 12 vehicles 12 vehicles for prompt intervention and logistics management
  • 31 employees 33 employees (average age 35 years), of which 2 engineers, 4 consultants (who deal with the design, the optimization and the training), 9 technicians, 9 business consultants (machinery, consumables, and accessories), 4 warehouse workers and 5 administrative consultants